Nature Connection Workshops

Guided Wellbeing workshops are held in and around Surrey and other areas of England. They include nature connection activities including wreath making workshops, foraging and cooking workshops, mindful walks, forest immersions and seasonal nature-based activities. 

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

- Albert Einstein



" I attended both a wreath making workshop, as well as a foraging walk with Kate at Guided Wellbeing, and I am a complete nature activities' convert now! I truly enjoyed both activities, and found them extremely therapeutic. It felt like a bit of 'me' time and just being able to connect with nature in such a relaxing and enjoyable way. Kate is very knowledgeable - on both occasions, it was my first time doing a wreath making workshop, and also a foraging walk, and Kate made it so enjoyable. Either one is also a great group activity, and I will definitely be back again!"