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At Guided Wellbeing, we offer a diverse range of nature-based activities suitable for individuals of all ages, organisations, and communities. Our programs are carefully designed to enhance well-being, foster sustainable living, and provide unforgettable experiences.


Kate Ray

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Founder of Guided Wellbeing

Kate is a qualified Ecopsychologist, skilled group facilitator, passionate forager and chef deeply connected to the wild. Raised by a mother immersed in deep ecology and self-sustainability, Kate was exposed to living in harmony with nature and foraging for wild plants from an early age. Having a diverse career for over 20 years and working in the fields of Mental Health, Events, Marketing and Catering, Kate now utilises her diverse skill set to offer fun and unforgettable nature connection experiences.

Kate enjoys collaborating with other women and believes that when women come together, they create an invisible bond that has the power to make a positive change.

Outside of her work, she finds joy in leisurely walks with her dog Olly, sitting around a fire and globe-trotting around the world, learning about different cultures and collecting specimens of wild plants and seeds.

She dreams of living a self-sustainable life in the deep forest in Costa Rica, where she envisions running a retreat center for women, connecting them with their true purpose and introducing them to the medicinal properties of wild plants.


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