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Guided Wellbeing offers individual and group sessions designed to bring joy and improve health & wellbeing.

We reconnect people with nature, promote sustainability and teach the benefits of nature connection and foraging for wild plants. 

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Kate Ray

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Founder of Guided Wellbeing

Mindful Nature Connection Guide

Having interest in helping others Kate studied Psychology, Systemic Family Therapy and most recently started her training to become Eco-therapist. 

For the last decade and a half she was working for NHS, improving employee wellbeing and creating healthy workplaces, as well as mentoring students in higher education.


Over the course of last two years, Kate found that mindful walking and nature connection were bringing her joy, and helped her regain energy after working long hours on a computer.

She decided to explore nature as a therapeutic tool and started offering therapeutic outdoor sessions. She quickly noticed a great improvement in overall wellbeing of her clients. 

She then started running eco-friendly wreath making workshops, foraging walks and wild picnics to bring a physical element to her service.


Kate's true passion lies in bringing communities together through nature activities and increasing the awareness of interconnectedness between the wellbeing of the planet and individual wellbeing.

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Alicja Rucinska

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Medical Anthropologist &

Co-funder of Guided Wellbeing

Once a dreamer and a traveler, Alicja pursued her studies in psychology and anthropology hoping to find some answers, or at least some more interesting questions to ponder. Curious of the ancient lore of Tibetan medicine, she wandered the Himalayan foothills, gathering crumbs of knowledge in-between the crumbs at the bottom of her bag.

However, life had its own ideas, and Alicja has spent the last several years bringing up her kids and being there for her young family. She became passionate about all things handmade, getting tangled up in yarn, endless scarves and elaborate winter garments (in perhaps unnecessary amounts).

Moving her academic pursuits onto the back burner, Alicja learned to bake bread, to make toys for her kids, and nourish them with with the stories she had gathered in her travelling sack.

Exploring the local meadows during lock down, weaving nettles and munching on dandelions, she discovered the grounding and re-balancing qualities of natural handicraft, learning the art of frugal sustainability.

Now she felt eager to share what she learnt, about living the eco lifestyle and the many joys and benefits we gain from reconnecting with the Earth and our deeper selves.
When Kate shared her vision and invited Alicja to collaborate on it, she could only say YES!

In the future, she is looking to rediscover the academic side of things, and pursue PhD qualifications. She is dusting off her old books (and her keyboard) and starting this new nature adventure.